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«When a feeling dictates a line»

18.04.2022 The Central District Library named after I. Esenberlin organized a meeting called «When a feeling dictates a line» for the participants of the poetic project «Atbasar Zhaimah shuak zherim menin» and poetry lovers in the coworking center. The invited poets read their new poems and shared their news. The librarian acquainted the guests with the important dates of 2022 in Kazakhstan and with the republican action «Bir el –Bir Kitap» where Akhmet Baitursynov, who turns 150 this year, is represented.
The book exhibition «Atbasar zhaima shuak zherim menin» was decorated.
Videos were shown: «Great names – anniversaries of poets and writers of Kazakhstan — 2022», «Spring» by Sergey Chekalin.

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Кнопка «Наверх»