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Studio of aesthetic development «World of hobbies»

Basic information about the studio of aesthetic development "World of hobbies"

Classes of the aesthetic development studio «World of Hobbies» are held in the Central District Children’s Library of the city of Atbasar weekly, every Wednesday in online and offline format. Classes are attended by children of different ages from 5 to 15 years. The head of the studio is Elena Velichko, a subscription librarian.

The main purpose of these classes is to attract children and teenagers to the library, as well as to organize useful and exciting leisure time for them. In addition, the children’s visit to this studio contributes to the development of children’s aesthetic perception of the surrounding world, artistic taste, creative potential and creativity. Children who visit the library develop the ability to quickly adapt to any environment, communicate with peers and adults, reveal their creative potential, develop culturally, morally, intellectually and physically.

The main concept of the aesthetic development studio «World of Hobbies» is the complete freedom provided to participants in choosing topics for classes. Namely, children choose their own topics and decide what they would like to do throughout the year. Topics are selected through discussions and voting directly in the classroom, as well as in social networks and in any other convenient way. This approach helps to attract attention, helps to interest children and promotes the development of independence in decision-making. Moreover, it helps not to get bored in the classroom, because the children who attend them are engaged exclusively in things that interest them, try themselves in various activities and develop comprehensively, acquiring new hobbies and skills that will undoubtedly help every child in the future.

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