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The Teremok Puppet Theater Club

The purpose of the club is to introduce children to spiritual and moral values, personal development through theatrical activities. Classes are held quarterly. The head is Saule Ismanova.

Theatrical activity is an amazing world of fairy-tale magic and reincarnation, is an important factor in the artistic and aesthetic development of a child, has an active influence on the development of his emotional and volitional sphere.

The introduction of preschool children to the theater is connected with the preparation and display of dramatizations based on works of art, including fairy tales. Taking into account the interest of children in this genre, accessibility to children’s perception, as well as the well-known importance of fairy tales for the spiritual, moral and aesthetic education of children.
It is thanks to the theatrical activity that the emotional and sensual «filling» of individual spiritual and moral concepts is carried out and helps the pupils to comprehend them not only with the mind, but also with the heart, to pass them through their soul, to make the right moral choice.


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