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Childhood is a wonderful period in a person’s life. Not only books, but also your good friends – magazines-help to make this time even more vivid, colorful, and memorable. The repertoire of children’s magazines is interesting and diverse. Children’s newspaper and magazine products are beautifully illustrated, published on good paper. Dear readers, we invite you to get acquainted with the periodicals presented in the collection of our library.

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Detsky Mir is a magazine with colorfully designed drawings, works, interesting facts of science and the universe, leading young kids to a magical world. Its relevance lies in the fact that it educates children’s interest in reading, promotes cultural growth, enriches their spiritual world as a whole.

The oldest children’s magazine. It has been published since 1924, it is addressed to children from 6 to 12 years old. The magazine can rightly be called a mirror of children’s literature. In it, readers will find interesting additions to the school curriculum, these are not only stories and fairy tales, but also help in the in-depth study of school subjects (the headings «Walking with words», «Murzilki Art Gallery», «Security School», etc.), as well as puzzles, riddles, various crafts, crosswords, jokes.

«Girls are boys. School of crafts».
The magazine is about needlework and various crafts, cooking and home science, table setting and etiquette, interior design and fashion, applied creativity, as well as much more. This is interesting for children, parents, and teachers. Master classes, tips and recommendations of masters! The magazine will become an indispensable assistant to everyone who creates beauty with their own hands.

«Why tell me about everything in the world.»
This magazine is a real mini encyclopedia about the inhabitants of forests, fields, meadows, swamps, thickets of reservoirs. If you ask a lot of questions about animals, birds, insects — then read the series of magazines «Why everything in the world»

«Young Polymath».
It will interest boys 12-17 years old. This is an informative magazine that covers various fields of science: history, natural processes, anatomy, robotics, devices of various mechanisms and machines, the history of weapons. There are instructions for conducting fascinating physical experiments, a variety of puzzles and contests.

The Merry Entertainer is a magazine of educational games for children from 7 to 14 years old. Magic tricks, charades, puzzles, fairy tales, fun, puzzles and crosswords, quizzes, nursery rhymes, poems and songs, origami, riddles and much more.

Fun lessons. A monthly educational magazine for children. A colorfully illustrated children’s educational magazine offers you to go on an exciting journey through the land of knowledge. On its pages you will also find funny stories, poems, riddles, games, puzzles, useful tips, scenarios for matinees, holidays, performances.

Guys, here are some arguments in favor of why you need to pay attention to these logs:
— They are fascinating
— Give new knowledge
— Equally interesting for children and adults
— Beautifully decorated
— Improve your mood
— Filled with love for you.

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