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«We want your summer to be warmed by books»

On 12.08.2021, a book trip «We want your summer to be warmed by books» was prepared in the Sochi Rural Library as part of the implementation of the summer reading and recreation program for children. The purpose of this event is to organize leisure activities for children and adolescents during the summer holidays by popularizing the best children’s literature and creating conditions for the realization of creative abilities of young readers, forming active reading activities and organizing leisure activities for children and adolescents in the summer, consolidating the role of books in the self-development of young readers, familiarizing readers with the best works of fiction. Summer is a wonderful time, summer is laughter, smiles and just a good mood. And summer is also a time to read! It is the library that turns the children’s summer holidays into an exciting journey. The book exhibition «The Good World of favorite books» will meet its readers throughout the holidays. Books of different genres will be provided for children: counting books and nursery rhymes, fairy tales, stories and epics, adventures, novellas and novels. The heroes of the most popular children’s books will help you to be transported into the world of incredible adventures, fascinating stories and funny fairy tales. The library gives children the opportunity to enjoy reading, experience the joy of familiarizing themselves with knowledge and works of art, combine reading with creative and playful activities, discuss books with watching movies and cartoons.


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