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«I, you, he, she — together a friendly family»

12.05.2022 A drawing contest «I, you, he, she — together a friendly family» dedicated to the Family Day was held in the Borisov Village Library. The purpose of the event: Fostering love and respect for family and family traditions. Development of creative abilities. The competition was attended by young artists aged 6 to 12 years. Young readers of the library took part in the drawing contest with great pleasure. They painted their family, their moms and dads, brothers and sisters. All participants of the contest were awarded with sweet prizes. While the children were drawing, the librarian had a conversation with them about family traditions. The children enthusiastically talked about the family traditions adopted in their families. An exhibition «My Home, my Family!» was organized in the library for the International Family Day. It presents books about the upbringing and development of children, about the relationship between parents and children.

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