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«The Year of Children»

On 23.06.2022, the Central District Children’s Library of the city of Atbasar, within the framework of the project «One Hundred favorite children’s Books» and «The Year of Children» in Kazakhstan, held a screening of an interactive puppet show for children of the school camp. Visiting the Teremok Puppet theater, the children watched with interest the fairy tale «How Proshka was looking for a friend», in which the story of true friendship and sincere mutual assistance unfolded. The children realized that it is necessary not only to gain the trust of a friend, but also not to lose it, in an educational sense, learning from the mistakes of the hero — the hare Proshka.
The purpose of the event is to develop creativity and imagination; to foster kindness and mutual understanding in children; to instill the importance of friendship and teamwork.

Басқа жаңалықтар

Кнопка «Наверх»