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The Day of Languages

The Day of Languages is a sign of friendship, kinship and unity of all Kazakhstanis, and friendship between peoples, mutual understanding and cooperation are the main pillars of state-building.
Every year librarians of the Atbasar Central Library organize cultural and educational, leisure mass events dedicated to the Day of Languages of the Peoples of Kazakhstan. Employees of the Atbasar CBS took an active part in the decade of languages.
During this period, various exhibitions were decorated:
* online exhibition «Language is the key to all knowledge» Atbasarskaya CRDB,
* exhibition-dialogue «Language is the key to the human soul» Marinovskaya Rural Model Library,
* book exhibition «Til — memlekettin tugarly tiregi».
* exhibition — review: «Be proud of your native language»

* oral magazine «Language is the living soul of the people» city library,
* quiz «To know, appreciate and respect the native language» by the Novomarinovskaya Rural Library,
* evening presentation of «The soul of the people in its language» Novoselskaya rural Library,
* Hour of friendship «Day of Languages of the People of Kazakhstan» by the Pokrovskaya Rural Library,
* readers’ contest «The language of each people is both beautiful and great!» Poltava Rural Library
Summing up the results of the decade, we can safely say that library readers had the opportunity to join the culture of ethnic groups, to make sure of the importance of Abai’s statement that «… the whole history of the spiritual life of the people is reflected in the bright, transparent depths of the national language….

Editor Rybalko I.N.


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