Events and activities

«The Main Law of the country»

On the eve of the Constitution Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Central District Children’s Library in the coworking Center held a series of events «The Main Law of the country» for students of the city’s schools. The purpose of the event is to give children the concept of the Constitution as the basic law of the Republic of Kazakhstan. To foster law-abiding and respect for their state and state symbols. Fostering a sense of patriotism and love for their Homeland. During the event, boys and girls got acquainted with the festive date, discussed the main law of the country and the ABC of children’s rights. In addition, they expressed their opinion and continued the fairy tale about the «Kingdom of Lawlessness». The cycle of events ended with the fact that children painted festive posters for the Constitution Day.

Басқа жаңалықтар

Кнопка «Наверх»